Veteran yoruba actor Jide Kosoko celebrates Mr. Macaroni as he bags two awards on the same day

Veteran actor Jide Kosoko took to his social media account to shower accolades on Mr. Macaroni for his remarkable achievement of winning two awards on the same day. The seasoned actor, known for his extensive contributions to the Nigerian entertainment industry, recognized and celebrated Mr. Macaroni’s outstanding accomplishment.

In an industry where recognition is hard-earned and well-deserved, Jide Kosoko’s gesture signifies the camaraderie and mutual respect that exists among fellow entertainers. It serves as a reminder of the continuous growth and success within Nigeria’s vibrant entertainment landscape.

Sharing photos of Mr. Macaroni,Jide Kosoko congratulated him on his remarkable achievement for winning two awards “humanitarian comedian of the year” and “fan favorites” at Humor Awards.

He wrote, “Congratulations son @mrmacaroni1,You deserve more keep shinning”.

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Jide Kosoko, a highly respected veteran actor in the Nigerian film industry known as Nollywood, happily celebrated his son’s birthday, marking another important milestone in his life. The accomplished actor, recognized for his exceptional talent and significant contributions to the Nigerian film industry, took the opportunity to express his deep admiration for his son and shower him with heartfelt prayers.

In a post featuring a photo of his son, Jide Kosoko wrote, “OLUWATOSIN ITUNU KOSOKO, Happy birthday and congratulations to you, my son. I wish you abundant joy, a long and prosperous life. @ksk_jr, you have accomplished great things by all standards, and may the Almighty God continue to be with you, my beloved child.”

The comments section was flooded with messages of congratulations from fellow colleagues and fans, all coming together to honor the son’s achievements and extend their sincere birthday wishes. The overwhelming support and well-wishes from both peers and admirers showcased the son’s impact and success, further adding to the joyful celebration.

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