Veteran Yoruba Actor, Pariolodo Seeks peace as Mr. Latin Finally Apologizes (watch)

Celebrated veteran actors Pariolodo and his companion Dayo Adewunmi are filled with joy as they embrace the festive spirit of Sallah. They are delighted to extend warm greetings to their loved ones and fans, while expressing their sincere wishes for a joyful Sallah celebration.

Additionally, they fervently pray for the release of Baba Ijesha from prison during this festive period, firmly believing that it is not his rightful place and relying on the grace of God for his freedom.

Furthermore, Actor Pariolodo earnestly requests his fans to refrain from engaging in any form of online abuse. He personally emphasizes the gravity of one’s words and has even advised his younger brother on the importance of handling them with caution.

Pariolodo acknowledges that his friend has also provided guidance to his brother, and therefore, he kindly urges everyone to put an end to such negative behavior. He hopes for harmony and well-being among all individuals, fostering a peaceful and positive environment.

Pariolodo Expresses Disappointment in Mr Latin

In recent news, Pariolodo, a renowned actor in the Nigerian film industry, also known as Nollywood, has publicly voiced his concerns regarding Bolaji Amusan, widely known as Mr Latin and currently serving as the president of the Theater Arts and Motion Picture Producers Association of Nigeria (TAMPAN).

Expressing his disappointment and frustration, Pariolodo criticized Mr Latin for his lack of assistance during a time of need. A video of the veteran actor expressing his dismay at Mr Latin’s neglectful behavior has been widely circulated.

Pariolodo emphasized that despite his extensive years of experience in the industry, Mr Latin has not provided any form of support. He reminded Mr Latin that he began his acting career in 1976, long before Mr Latin even entered secondary school. The actor firmly asserted that they are not equals in terms of age and professional accomplishments.

Pariolodo admonished Mr Latin for prioritizing his association, TAMPAN, over extending help, accusing him of seeking attention and clout. He questioned whether it was TAMPAN that came to the aid of other veterans like Iya Gbonkan, Lalude, and others.

He further stated, “You were still in secondary school when I started acting. What help have you ever rendered in my life? I am not willing to join your association, and I do not expect any assistance from you. Did your association help Iya Ibeji Omo Arayele, Iya Gbonkan, or Lalude? Please, do not use me to gain popularity with your fans.”

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