“Wahala be like wetin again?” – Drama as Man divorces his wife on their wedding day after finding out that she visited her ex a day before wedding (Video)

A trending video depicting a man and his wife on their wedding day has sparked numerous reactions online.

The viral footage captures the shocking moment when the man decides to divorce his wife on their wedding day after discovering that she had visited her ex-partner just a day before their wedding.

The unexpected turn of events left the wedding guests stunned, as the groom abruptly ended the marriage and departed from the wedding reception, leaving a palpable sense of astonishment in the air.

According to the information making the rounds online, the wedding happened in Ghana.

The wife later was seen crying profusely as she stands while her husband divorces her on their wedding day.

Sharing the video, an X user identified as @drpenking wrote; “MAN divorced his wife on their wedding day after finding out that she visited her ex a day before their wedding.”

Watch the video below;

See reactions below;

kofo_of_buj: This is why you should block your ex and delete them from your life…. Gosh…….

chy0msss: A real man will go ahead with the wedding . There’s nothing wrong with that . High time men accept the fact that women are polygamous in nature . We are wired Like that.

ble_ssing_sunday: But men also doke their ex a night to their wedding and the call it Bachelors night😹 Men can’t take what they dish.

yourprincecharming01: Your girlfriend shouldn’t be talking to: Her exes, any man who likes her, any man who liked her, any guy she used to like. this is not called being controlling. it is called having boundaries🤧🤧.

obianuju_priscillia_: Sorry I have to be blûnt. Whether he calls off the wedding or not, there is a higher probability that she might continue seeing the ex even after marriage. My 2cents.

nnenna_blinks_: He did the right thing. If she slept at her Ex’s place the night before her wedding, Mind you okafor’s Law will continue to play a big role in that marriage. She is not emotionally and mentally detach from her Ex. And that is a wrong investment which would bring a bad turnover. Prevention is better than cure !!!! Run.

jhoystin: Sorry to ask, must all your ex turn to your enemies? Can’t exes be friends without strings attached? So long as she didn’t have sex and she respected herself and her man what crime did she commit? Again, I am asking a question. Questions aside, this is why I love the men- very intentional and selfish gender. They do not compromise on their happiness. Not my gender oh, they’ll forgive and keep forgiving until they dye of loneliness and strike.