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Watch The Beautiful Moment Late Singer Mohbad Backed His Son Liam While Cooking Inside The Kitchen, Videos Goes Viral (Watch)

A video showcasing the late singer Mohbad’s compassionate gesture toward his wife has been circulating widely on social media.

Olofofo Naija shared a video in which Mohbad could be seen carrying his son Liam on his back, securing the baby with a piece of cloth.

In the video, Mohbad was observed carrying Liam from the living room to the kitchen, where he intended to lend a helping hand to his wife, Omowunmi, with household tasks.

This video has generated significant online buzz, with many praising the late singer for his caring and nurturing nature.

Fans reacted to video still insist on doing DNA for Liam why many people objected to it.

Watch The Video Below;

Yesname: Stop using emotions to blackmail us! You’re Paid for this I know! DNA must be conducted!

Lordess_diva: Liam wil grow up to see he had a WONDERFUL DAD who was kiilled when he was just 5 months old 😭😭😭😭😭

Ahh una do this one oh 😡😡
#justiceformohbad legally or illegally ✊✊✊

Tolabedding: All the married men screaming DNA must be done. Hope you’ve also conducted DNA for all your kids at home? You can’t say you trust your wife at home and come online bullying a young widow. The child can be taken for DNA but the way you guys are ranting about this thing is appalling and embarrassing. Hope you people won’t drag his wife to depression? Mohbad’s death has really brought his family out. The same family he kept secret for years just to protect them from danger and online preys like y’all. You guys should channel the same energy by taking all your kids at home for DNA cos I’m very sure not all your kids look like you. Your wives could as well be cheating on you the same way you think Mohbad’s wife cheated on him.

Toysneh: Pls let us all stop calling this Liam Mohbad son not until they get done with the DNA test for confirmation

Princewill_erick: I love to know this is mohbad son because he’s the only living thing to represent our lost legend.. but pls everyone DNA is not a crime. Let no forget this is how we neglected so many celebrities that talked about naira marley earlier but we were so sentimental because of the NBG thing and marlian thing, now we all regret and want justice for same person we were defending. All am trying to say is, DNA is not a crime just so we can clear the air. Even @verydarkblackman wish indeed he’s mohbad son but in a case of justice, everything should be doubted. Remember we had to bring mohbad out of the grave just for justice sake, so if we can do that to the dead then the living has nothing to run from. Please brothers and sisters, we are fighting for mohbad not his wife or liam please.