“Watch the moment Mohbad planned his own candlelight procession” – Video Surface online

The late Nigerian singer Mohbad made a surprising gesture by organizing a candlelight procession during one of his concerts a few weeks ago.

A TikTok video, shared by @ayomideoluwaseyi23, captured the moment when Mohbad, while performing at the concert, initiated this distinctive and touching event.

He orchestrated an arrangement where people donned white wrappers with lit candles, and they paraded onto the stage before his performance commenced.

This visually captivating spectacle now carries added significance in light of the singer’s untimely passing on Tuesday, September 12.

The decision to incorporate candles and white wrappers into Mohbad’s performance carries profound symbolism.

Candles are often lit after someone’s death with a procession done by loved ones in remembrance of the person.

However, this candle night procession has left people wondering if Mohbad knew his death was close.

See the video below: