Watch The Poetry Song Composed By Actress Bukola Arugba For Late Mohbad That Got Many People Shed Tears (Watch)

Actress Bukola Arugba has expressed her grief and mourning for the late singer Mohbad through a heartfelt poem she composed.

The actress released her heartfelt poetry for Mohbad, drawing the attention of many Nigerian youth on Instagram.

The video has gathered over 4,500 comments with more than 74,000 reactions, indicating how much people loved the late singer.

Watch the video below;

See Social Media Reaction Below

Bimspycy: He was begging us to listen then but we didn’t..now he’s not begging anymore he’s forcing us😢he’s like.. gbogbo yin enisun

Seyitouch: Haaaa I tot I ll have sound sleep tonight..Now this is another teary post💔😭💔💔

Queen_anniee1: Mohbad really want justice😢👏🏽 dude in every human body I can’t sleep I don’t even know him personally😭 Omoh after mohbad get justice all of us need therapy 🤒💔

Princess_detutu_22: Hmmmn his silence is now so loud ,the whole world is hearing it. Sleepless nights for everybody. God please give Imole Ilerioluwa the perfect peace he has always wanted 🙏🥲

Fabricsbyonyx: Omo I keep asking what was his offense to deserve all these pains that he went through…so painful 😓
I never knew him before now but I feel like someone so close to me pass on,I so wished his cases will end up like the Deborah of the old ,that God brought back to life due to her good deeds and benevolence,I just wish and pray 🙏 that a miracle will happen because what our God cannot do does not exist.
I just Pray 🤲 🙏🙏🙏.

Dollypi.on.point: It’s his beautiful Sad eyes for me. It tells the state of his soul and spirit. The eyes never lies, they are truly the windows to the soul. Check on your family and friends . RIP Mohbad but Imole lives forever