“We all know you are single, stop deceiving us”- Hilda Baci playfully teased Enioluwa Adeoluwa in response to his recent post

Hilda Baci’s playful comment stems from her close friendship with Enioluwa Adeoluwa. Their bond strengthened during Hilda Baci’s cookathon for the Guinness Book of World Records, where Enioluwa showed significant support. This camaraderie led to joint appearances in promotional videos, solidifying their connection.

This post even caught the attention of Iyabo Ojo, Priscilla’s mother, who made a lighthearted remark, jokingly asking if there’s a wedding to plan. Noteworthy netizens in the comment section include Stan Eze and Vj Adams, who each contributed their individual comments.

Hilda Baci’s playful comment injected a bit of reality into the wishful comment section, highlighting the absence of any official confirmation of a relationship between Enioluwa and Priscilla. Despite netizens virtually pairing them together, there has been no concrete evidence beyond their friendship.

The speculations around Enioluwa Adeoluwa and Priscilla Ojo have been going on for a while. Both parties have been close for a while, taking trips together, wearing matching outfits, and even collaborating on brand deals together. Despite the fact that there is an obvious bond between both of them, they’ve never openly admitted to being in a romantic relationship.