“We Need to Create Insurance Purse In 2024 To Avoid Beggars Online”: Jaiye Kuti Speaks About Nollywood Veterans Begging Online

Renowned Nollywood actress Jaiye Kuti clarified her previous remarks concerning colleagues seeking assistance online, emphasizing that her words were misinterpreted. This highlights the tendency for statements in the media to be misunderstood, underscoring the necessity of grasping the complete context of such statements.

In the interview, she discussed ways to better support industry veterans so they wouldn’t feel compelled to seek attention by airing their grievances online.

Jaiye Kuti is recognized as one of the most vocal actresses among the older generation in Nollywood. Over time, she has gained considerable attention for her distinctive figure.

However, in 2023, she made the headlines for some of her comments about Yoruba Nollywood veterans.

She slammed them for ridiculing the theatre profession as several of her colleagues cried out online, seeking help and financial support.

Jaiye Kuti during an interview with Legit.ng’s Nosa Oke-Hortons spoke about this malice. She noted that her statements were taken out of context and used this opportunity to correct the previous prominent impression about her over the issue.

“We need a purse for insurance” – Jaiye Kuti said

Jaiye Kuti finally cleared the air about her earlier statement, slamming industry practitioners for going on social media to beg for money. “Actually, what I was trying to achieve at the time was for our industry to have a purse for insurance.

Our elders have been there; they started this job and helped lay the foundation of what many of us enjoy today, and for that reason, I would never ridicule them or speak down on them. I was only clamouring for insurance to take care of them in their old age.”

Jaiye kuti revealed how most of the sickness starts for veterans

During the conversation, she shared how many of the ailments these veterans suffer from started Jaiye noted that if a fund or purse had been created years ago, many of them might not still be suffering from this illness.

In her comment, the actress kicked against Foluke Daramola’s advocacy that entertainers should speak up more and not die in silence. In her response to this, the curvy actress noted that if funds were created to cater for the needy, sick and old, there would be no need for performers to go online and beg for money.