“We No Longer Recognise Him As Muslim Again”— Popular Islamic cleric Jaqmal Atayese, Shade King Wasiu Ayinde As He Becomes The Olori Omoba Akile Of Ijebu Land (Video)

Prominent Islamic scholar, Jaqmal Atayese, has shared his thoughts on the recent coronation of the renowned Fuji musician, King Wasiu Ayinde Marshal, popularly known as Kwam 1, as the Olori Omoba Akile Ijebu.

Kwam 1 emerged from seclusion on September 24, 2023, following the successful completion of a seven-day traditional rite for the Olori Omoba Akile Ijebu title.

In response to this development, Jaqmal Atayese expressed in a public lecture that due to his actions against Islamic doctrine, the Fuji singer is no longer considered a Muslim in his view.

He emphasized that there are two types of shirk in Islam, which are terms used to describe idolatry or polytheism:

“1. One who does not practice Islam at all and doesn’t believe there is God at all but all he does is a traditional sacrifice.

2. The other one is when a Person Is A Muslim but he/she is aware of another god and also worships something other than Allah.

Truly, he is a Muslim, despite that Islam doesn’t teach us not to practice our traditions. He entered the sacred house, and people even came to him to seek prayers. He is no longer just a Muslim.”

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