“We will carry out auptosy to find out the cause of his Mohbad death” – Doctor Inform Mohbad family

The unexpected demise of Mohbad has left many in disbelief, leading both celebrities and internet users to share their thoughts. Dr. Olufunmilayo, known as “ourfaveonlinedoctor” on Twitter, has voiced his concerns regarding the circumstances surrounding Mohbad’s death. He advocates for a comprehensive autopsy to uncover the truth.

While initial reports attributed Mohbad’s passing to an ear infection, doubts and suspicions have arisen among those close to him, hinting at a deeper story. Dr. Olufunmilayo’s call for a thorough autopsy seeks to dispel these uncertainties and shed light on the situation, ultimately aiming for clarity and closure in this tragic event.

“If Mohbad had an infection, was given an injection then he passed out and never woke up, especially if he was normally healthy prior to that point, then this will count as a sudden unexpected death in a young person.

And IF those reports of him having an infection are accurate then an autopsy must be mandated and executed to clarify objectively and conclusively the cause of death. Because IF truly he had an “infection” and was given an “injection”, there are very important questions that beg for urgent answers.

Questions like: what kind of infection did he have? What is the name of the injection was he given? Who gave the injection? What part of the body was the injection given? Was the injection given into the muscle or the vein directly? What dose was given to him? Is he known to have any medical problems prior to this event? Does he have any history of reacting badly to any medications?

Before he was given the injection, was this asked and ensured it is an injection that was safe? There are people who may be injected with a medication that they are allergic to. And depending on how severe the allergic reaction is to the medication, it can result in severe allergic response called anaphylaxis and eventually lead to death.

This could happen within minutes to hours. Again I’m only putting forward a possibility based on the reports we have so far. However, no matter what the truth is, and what actually happened, this is not the kind of death that people hurriedly go and bury. This is a “suspicious unexpected death” that deserves a full comprehensive autopsy and analysis of all the events that happened in the last 24hours.

Otherwise, many people will take the convenient option of either labelling it a “spiritual arrow” or pointing fingers at someone people he had a fight with previously (and those ones may actually be AF innocent of his death).

Anyway I can only appeal that his carpse is preserved and not tampered with. A full autopsy should be conducted as soon as is possible- and if any evidence comes to light of medical negligence or of any other criminal culpability of anyone in his death, this should be taken up by the appro