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“We’re all millionaire sha” – Nigerians express excitement as N500 equals to N2.2M in Venezuela, video trends (Watch)

Nigerians have begun expressing excitement on social media due to new information circulating online about Nigeria’s currency compared to Venezuela’s.

Despite ongoing complaints about the declining value of the Naira, a recent video shared by media personality Urhobo Finest suggests that Nigerians could be millionaires if they were to relocate to Venezuela in South America.

As per the details shared by the media personality on Instagram, they revealed that N1 equals 4,434.24 Venezuelan bolivars, the currency used in Venezuela.

Meaning that N500 is equal to N2.217,120 in Venezuela, N1000 equals to N4,434,240.

N5000 equals to N22,171,200, N10,000 to N44,342,400.

However, the clause there is someone has to leave Nigeria and travel to Venezuela to get such an amount of money.

Watch the video below;

See reactions below;

mz_esheza: Imagine you get 1m naira , you go marry their president wife and his side chicks.

thatindividual_: Wen u order fish for bar, na 100million bilivar.

scoobynero: Blow siren Dey follow u 😂no be lie Ooo 😂.

the_swagboyjay: No wonder I was feeling fly! I didn’t know I was a millionaire😂😂😂.

villa.cassh: How much be house for there ?? I wan check something.