“We’re Going For The DNA Test, Because Children Of Nowadays Are Deceitful”—Late Mohbad’s Family Says In New Trending Video (Watch)

Recently, Mohbad’s father dared to imply that a DNA test would be necessary to determine the child’s genuine paternity. The ongoing debates over the late singer’s family and the assertions made by individuals on social media have a fascinating new dimension as a result of this revelation.

Internet users and even celebrities have joined the request for a test to be done on Mohbad’s children, drawing attention to the DNA testing topic on a global scale. This widespread interest emphasizes the importance and delicate nature of the subject, as well as the role social media plays in influencing and amplifying such discussions.

It appears that Mohbad’s father is now among those calling for a paternity test to determine whether he is in fact his son’s biological father. This development shows that there is growing agreement and enthusiasm for settling the paternity dispute involving Mohbad’s child.

A staunch advocate for a paternity test is Kemi Olunloyo, who identifies herself as an investigative journalist. She has been unwavering in her calls for such a test, and she has even alleged that Wunmi, Mohbad’s wife, has been directing people to contact her regarding the matter. Kemi Olunloyo’s persistent involvement adds a layer of intrigue to the ongoing discussions and controversies surrounding Mohbad’s family.

Kemi Olunloyo has also hinted that if Wunmi does not disclose the identity of her child’s father, she possesses the DNA test results and is prepared to make them public. This statement adds an element of suspense to the ongoing saga, suggesting that further developments in the paternity dispute may be forthcoming.

Very Dark Man, a prominent TikTok star known for his straightforwardness, has reportedly become involved in the discussion surrounding Mohbad’s passing, as per GISTLOVER. He expressed the view that given the widespread suspicion, a paternity test is essential to eliminate any doubts regarding the child’s parentage. This perspective underscores the importance of addressing the paternity issue to bring clarity and closure to the situation.