“What God Cannot Do Doest Not Exist” —Physically Challenged Woman Shows Off Her Pregnancy, As She Welcomes Beautiful Baby (Video)

A woman with physical challenges has captured the hearts of netizens by proudly displaying her adorable baby online.

This lady, who goes by the name Nikki Kademaunga, shared a video via her account, showcasing both her pregnancy journey in the early stages and her precious baby.

In the following segments of her video montage, she proudly presents the cute baby she gave birth to, prompting netizens to shower her with congratulations and expressions of delight.

See How Fans reacted …
@mutune said: “He looks just like his dad.”

@user702888410676 commented: “I’m so proud and happy for you.”

@obaapa reacted: “Congratulations! You have seen the glory of God.”

@user1691408880008 commented: “Congrats my dear sister.”

@zhynarb said: “Congratulations. Indeed Allah is wonderful.”

@Ashie commented: “God of miracles did it again. congratulations darling.”

@user3363494724759 said: “Lovely. May God be with you.”

@user2786039679107 said: “Wow! We thank God for your precious gift.”

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