“What happened to the money that Dagrin left behind?” – See The House Where Dagrin Mother Is Living (Video)

After an online appeal for assistance by the mother of the deceased rapper Dagrin, a video has surfaced on the internet revealing her current living situation. In the video, she expresses her plea, stating, “I kindly request Nigerians to assist me as I am in a state of poverty.

Presently, I sell food by the roadside, but the strain is overwhelming, especially considering my advancing age.”

Nigerians are now questioning the destination of the royalties generated from Dagrin’s music and the proceeds from various tribute songs dedicated to him, following the emergence of a video showcasing the living conditions of Dagrin’s mother. The distressing conditions in which she resides have sparked concerns about the allocation of funds.

In the circulating video, which has gained attention on social media, the mother of the late Nigerian rapper, Dagrin, makes a heartfelt plea for assistance. Overwhelmed with emotion, she tearfully reveals her impoverished state and appeals to Nigerians for help. Currently earning a living by selling food on the roadside, she expresses the physical strain she endures, particularly given her age.

In her vulnerable plea, the mother urgently requests financial support amounting to N3 million to N5 million, as well as accommodation, in order to establish a business. This video has touched the hearts of many and has brought attention to her urgent needs.

Watch the video below;