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“What type of wife is this? She has no shæme at all” Fans slam Kunle Afod’s wife, Desola as she vows to never leave him over infidelity (Video)

Desola Afod’s resolute declaration about her commitment to her husband, Kunle Afod, has sparked varied reactions, with some labeling her as someone with low self-esteem. Public responses to personal statements can be diverse, especially in discussions concerning relationships and self-worth, often being nuanced and subjective.

In an interview on Debbie Shokoya’s Talk Show, the mother of four boys expressed her firm decision never to leave her husband, even if he engages in infidelity. Her rationale behind this stance revolves around the uncertainty of finding fidelity in another man if she were to leave him for such reasons.

Desola emphasized that while her husband isn’t flawless, she perceives him as a good man. She clarified that unless faced with physical abuse, she sees no compelling reason to consider leaving him.

“Kunle Afod is not perfect but he is a good man. If I decide to leave him based on what people say or what he did, I will still meet the same thing where I’m going.

“Let me get this straight, you ask that I leave my husband because he is cheating, will the new man I am going for not cheat? Debby, I won’t lie to you, it’s a lie it is a big lie. I tell people to always persevere understand themselves and be tolerant. And like I said, no marriage is perfect”.