When I moved to Nigeria, I was sharing an apartment with Davido – Tiwa Savage discloses in throwback video (Watch)

In the midst of the ongoing feud between Tiwa Savage and Davido, internet users have resurfaced a heartwarming video featuring the two singers.

Tiwa Savage and her former close friend Davido recently unfollowed each other on Instagram. Additionally, Tiwa initiated a lawsuit against Davido, alleging that he had threatened her with individuals associated with him.

An Instagram conversation between Tiwa Savage and Davido, showcasing a heated exchange, also made its way online. Speculation ties this drama between Tiwa Savage and Davido to Tiwa’s relationship with the singer’s first child’s mother, Sophia Momodu.

However, in the old video that makes it way online, Tiwa Savage was seen performing at Davido 10 years on stage tagged “‘A decade of Davido’ that was held in December 2021.

While performing on stage, Tiwa Savage, a mother of one said when she moved back to Nigeria from the UK, she was sharing an apartment with Davido in 1004, Victoria Island, Lagos.

Following the reflection, Tiwa Savage said she is proud of Davido and by extension exchanged hugs with each other on stage while she continued performing at the concert.

In her words; “I don’t think lot of people know this but when I moved back to Nigeria, I was actually sharing an apartment with David in 1004. Ed don tey. I am so proud of you.”

Responding, Davido said; “I love you.”

Watch the video below;

See reactions below;

lebinguiste1: Tiwa Savage should be ashamed and leave Davido’s family alone. Davido has nothing to do wrong with him, it’s all just stories. Tiwa I’m starting to hate you.

ritaoko1: Na that Sophia wan cause problem yeye girl.

jewel_of_d_south: Hence Davido was mad at her,can’t keep a friend who’s a friend to an enemy. #Loyalty#friendship.

fiisiiayomi: This is the first objectivity I’ve seen to this whole drama. These people were friends and others trying to bank of this misunderstanding should be ashamed of themselves. They’re both angry, things could be said that weren’t even really deep, but they’ve opened a loophole for snakes and lizards to crawl in. Y’all should face Sophia instead. A father begging to see his daughter and asking his friend who’s a mutual connect to facilitate it has every right to be angry if he thinks it’s not panning out and he saw them both posting at almost same time. Y’all need to be objective!

blaiseiconn: I just dey pity imade , well may our children no experience fluctuating upbringing.

problematic_pro: Tiwa sef na MTN. Na so she run go meet David that year she had misunderstimg with Biggest Wiz.. Wiz go just dey smoke Igbo dey obs like this. All of una wey conspired against Wiz na fight go scatter una. 😂😂😂😂.

bigh_bamo: Davido own self too much,u won still dey show bad boy to woman ???all dis boys go just dey let money twist dere brain.