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“Where Did Erekere See Original Diamond Chain Of 3000Naira”— Netizen Surprise As Erekere Original Diamond Cost 3000naira (Watch)

Thepastorpikin, a well-known comedian, has caused a stir after Jimmy Agbaje questioned him while he was traveling. This contact probably drew the attention of the viewers, and the subsequent reaction may have been brought on by how unexpected or funny the encounter was.

Everything he is wearing, including his gold chain, which he said costs 3000 naira, is said to cost roughly 5500 naira, according to Erekere. This information sheds light on the comedian’s thriftiness and sense of humor, which may have influenced the audience’s reaction.

Timmy was shocked to hear that the gold chain only cost 3,000 naira, since he had initially assumed it would cost 3000 USD. Timi was stunned by this discovery and he was unable to contain his wonder. This lighthearted surprise probably increased the interaction’s amusement value and elicited comments from people who watched the interview.

In the skit, Erekere played a part as a character who stole everything he was wearing. On the other side, Jimmy Agbaje played the role of the boss’s driver in the sketch. This plot line probably added to the interaction’s humorous quality and drew responses from viewers who thought it entertaining.

Within a few hours of being posted, the video received over 2000 comments.

Watch the video below;