“Who Will Believe I Got Married At 34 As A Virgiin Despite Being An Actress” — Actress Bimbo Success Reveals Her True Life Story (Watch)

Actress Bimbo Success, during an interview with Talk to Biola, a platform where celebrities share insights into their lives and journeys to fame in the industry, made a surprising revelation.

She disclosed that she got married at the age of 34 as a virgin, despite being in the entertainment industry.

Because they didn’t think it was feasible for an actress to be a virgin at that age and never have a man, many people never believe me when I tell them the narrative of my life.

According to her, she insisted on not revealing the person name who called her about not having someone she is dating while the new of not been a woman goes viral among the industry then.

She went further revealing that she never gets distracted as she keeps on pushing till she finally gets married.

Many hail her for being decent and keeping Herself up to that age and moment despite being in the filming industry.

Bimbo Success, born on November 15, is a renowned Nigerian actress, event planner, entertainer, and movie producer, celebrated for her significant roles in Nollywood films. With several years of active involvement in the industry since her rise to prominence, Bimbo Success hails from the Yoruba tribe and was born and raised in Lagos State, where she received her early education.

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Willztaiwo: Waoooo!!!
She got married as a virgin and waited for that long omo,,,, if to say no be her husband disvi*rgin her that marriage go don scatter.

Under10krings: Dear Woman, know your self worth and stand by it regardless of the world think or says. Well-done momma

Adenine.makinde: This Talk to B is going places IN JESUS NAME the people you are bringing are really touching lifes encouraging people like us kudos to you ma 👍👍👍

Kikidivine07: Beautiful story. Looking at all these women in a different light now. They are really not that bad. Love this. 👏

Joyce_ gbadebo: Much respect for her ooooo. This her experience is similar to that of my English teacher in secondary school, it was the day she narrated the story to us that made me decided that I was going to keep my virginity till my wedding night and GOD actually helped me.