“Why Always Me, See What Love Scene Turn My Face Too” – Jigan Babaoja Says As She Recieve Hot Slap While Acting Love Scene With This Lady (Watch)

Jigan Babaoja, the renowned Yoruba actor, delightedly shares a series of his comedy movie titled “My Manager and I” on his Instagram page.

In one hilarious scene, Jigan mistakenly assumes a romantic and kissing role, but his manager encourages him to perform it with joy. Little does he know that it’s actually a slap scene, leading to comical mishaps.

He Recieve the slap of his life that he could not see again, he immediately as the manager to please refund them the money back.

All his thoughts was it a kissing scene, as it is usually found he love a kissing female artists in movie but it turn to be something else.

I Can’t Take It Anymore, I Need To Change My Manager Na Bad Bad Role He Dey Bring For Me – Jigan Babaoja Cries Out On Movies Set

Jigan Babaoja, a Nollywood actor and film producer, sparked a stir when his manager assigned him a role that was beyond his acting capabilities.

During the scene, Jigan was tied to a car and the driver was instructed to drive at high speed, leaving him visibly fearful. He pleaded with his manager to refund the money they were paid for the risky scene.

The post captions: My manager and I

Immediately He Share The Video on his Instagram account, celebrate and fans took to the comment section to share there thought on why the manager is doing that to him. Read More

Watch the video below;