“Why Did You Still Not Rate Ogundiji Till Now, I Need Justice” – Femi Adebayo continues to voice out as many rate Gbotija and Gbogunmi higher than Ogundiji

Femi Adebayo, the Nigerian actor who both portrayed the lead role and produced the film “Jagun Jagun,” continues to voice his desire for greater recognition of his character, Ogundiji, within the rapidly popular movie.

It’s noteworthy that Femi Adebayo has expressed his concerns regarding the acclaim garnered by his fellow actors, Lateef Adedimeji (Gbotija) and Ibrahim Yekini (Gbogunmi). Despite the movie’s remarkable success and its talented ensemble cast, which includes Lateef Adedimeji and Ibrahim Yekini, Femi Adebayo’s portrayal of Ogundiji appears to have not received an equivalent level of acknowledgment.

In a seemingly playful social media post, Femi Adebayo shared his thoughts on this matter.

He wrote, “Saving kings and men isn’t an easy job – if a Man does well, we should reward him o

I personally think the way you people don’t rate Ogundiji calls for alarm! Ogundiji himself The only man that can eat 9 snails at once! Ehn, if e easy – you sef do am.

Everytime, Gbotija! Gbogunmi! Do you think becoming a mighty warrior of might and caliber doesn’t come with sacrifices?
Ogundiji too is someone’s father o! He deserves justice for the bad names you people are calling him!

Besides, If you were Ogundiji – will you not have done the same things he did?”