“Why didn’t you congratulate Davido on the arrival of his twins” – Uche Maduagwu questions Tiwa Savage

Nollywood actor Uche Maduagwu recently expressed disappointment with singer Tiwa Savage for not congratulating her colleague Davido on the birth of his twins. He aired his disappointment on his Instagram page, emphasizing the anticipated gesture of friendship and respect.

Maduagwu drew a comparison, suggesting that if the roles were reversed, Davido would promptly congratulate Tiwa Savage publicly if she had twins. Additionally, he mentioned Tiwa Savage’s lack of acknowledgment when he received three Grammy nominations.

Advocating for reciprocal social media support in 2024, Maduagwu implied that celebrating those who show support should be the norm, hinting at a call for mutual recognition and celebration.

In his words;

“Honestly, I feel Davido made the right decision, everyone was expecting Aunty TIWA to make a sweet #post on social media to Congratulate Davido for the #beautiful TWINS Wey God bless am with but did she? What about the 3 #Grammy Nomination, did she make a post to congratulate him? Davido, God will bless you for the correct decision you took, 2024 Na year to #follow those who congratulate you on social media for the MIRACLE God Dey do for you and your Family, if they can promote their music and business on social media, why Dem no congratulate you for the TWINS God bless your family with like your other FRIENDS did globally?”