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“Why does he not publicly ask for assistance online, despite his current condition?”– Anxious Fans Interrogate Veteran Actor Abija

People are responding to a viral video on social media and wondering why Abija, unlike other veteran actors, hasn’t come forward to seek help.

Tajudeen Oyewole, who leads a modest life and has never resorted to the internet for assistance or any other purpose, does not own a car.

Despite facing financial difficulties and residing in an area unfamiliar to most celebrities, Abija has refrained from seeking aid online. This has sparked questions about the reasons behind his actions.

Specific details about the current location and recent undertakings of Tajudeen Oyewole, commonly referred to as Abija, are not readily accessible. It is plausible that there is a scarcity of up-to-date information concerning his present situation or ongoing pursuits on the internet. It is essential to recognize that information is subject to evolution and can undergo changes over time.