Why I refused to celebrate my birthday for first time in my adult life – Moyo Lawal spills

Moyo Lawal’s decision not to mark her birthday this year, breaking her tradition, signals a commitment to exploring new paths and embracing a more private approach.

This choice underscores personal growth and an evolving outlook, even within the public eye, highlighting a pursuit of authenticity and fresh experiences.

The actress clarified her choice to forgo any announcement or celebration for her birthday this year, marking a significant departure from her usual adult life practices.

On Tuesday, January 2nd, the Badagry-born actress opted for a quiet observance of her new age, stepping away from the limelight.

Nonetheless, she received heartwarming celebrations from some of her colleagues, including Mary Njoku and Uche Ogbodo.

Speaking on her decision to go quiet this year, Moyo Lawal said she did exactly what she would have done if she wasn’t in the entertainment industry. The endowed actress wrote:

“I didn’t do any photoshoot or announce or even celebrate my birthday for the first time in my adult life (I did exactly what I would do if I wasn’t into showbiz).

“This is my year of attempting things completely strange to me, crossed the hardest hurdle, they say the first step is the hardest.”

Moyo Lawal was involved in a leaked video scandal last year.

2024, my year of attempting new things – Moyo Lawa