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“Why Am Afraid Of Begging Wizkid and Olamide For Money” – Late Dagrin Mother Reveal The Reasons….(video)

In a deeply moving video that has rapidly gained immense popularity, the mother of the late indigenous rapper Dagrin has passionately appealed for financial assistance, shedding light on her current impoverished condition, which persists even thirteen years after her son’s tragic demise. With heartfelt emotions, she openly discusses her ongoing struggles and reaches out to fellow Nigerians, sincerely seeking their support during this challenging period.

Despite her advanced age, Dagrin’s mother has disclosed that she sustains herself by selling food on the roadside. Sadly, the income derived from this venture falls short of adequately meeting her family’s needs. To make ends meet, she shares her strategy of deliberately avoiding certain areas to prevent recognition by specific individuals.

Despite suggestions that she seek help from renowned Afrobeats artists such as Davido or Olamide, she hesitates due to her deep affection for them, considering them as her own children. Consequently, approaching them for financial support becomes challenging for her.

Expressing immense sadness, Dagrin’s mother shares her current state of destitution and appeals for suitable housing for her family. She earnestly implores Nigerians to generously contribute an amount ranging from N3 million to N5 million, which would empower her to establish a business and improve her circumstances.

Speaking from the depths of her heart, Dagrin’s mother humbly requests assistance from her fellow Nigerians, acknowledging her impoverished state and her struggle to make ends meet by selling food on the roadside. As she grows older, the burden becomes increasingly overwhelming. Her primary necessity is acquiring suitable accommodation. Therefore, she implores her fellow Nigerians to lend their support by contributing an amount between N3 million and N5 million. She hesitates to approach rapper Olamide for financial aid due to the inappropriate nature of the request, as she considers him not as an elder but as a cherished son.

Watch her video below;