“Why Is He Massaging Her bumb¥m in public, Something is Fishy”– Fans Trolls Olaide Oyedeji after Ayo Olaiya play with her backside (Video)

Nigerian actress Olaide Oyedeji finds herself entangled in controversy once more, as fans voice their disapproval over a recently emerged video that shows actor Ayo Olaiya grabbing her buttocks in a public setting.

Olaide, following the end of her second marriage, personally shared the video, which unmistakably captures Ayo Olaiya engaging in the act.

This occurrence has sparked a passionate discussion among fans and the public at large concerning acceptable conduct in the entertainment industry.

Fans have taken to social media platforms in large numbers to express their criticism towards the actors for their actions. Several individuals have shared their perspective, suggesting that if Olaide had still been in her marriage, Ayo Olaiya would not have exhibited such audacity by publicly touching her waist.

See reactions and the video below:

– Kosi aponle fun obinrin ti o ni ade ori 📌 I am very sure mr ay can’t do this to her when she was still with her husband.

– Una don produce rubbish movie again,, like unmeaningful brother jacob

– Dis two can’t tell me anything I won’t ☺️😏🥸😜

– Dis 1 jus dy tap current dy go😹🤣

– This Egbon too like Y@nsh😂 E good as them don dey correct una which one is Erekere 😂😂😂😂

– This becoming of both of you, shameless human being, packing her bombom anyhow in the public. We kuku understand that she’s not married again but @ayoolaiya I salute your wife. Oshi rata ma ra iyo