“Why is her body like this, hope she’s fine”- Destiny Etiko’s recent bikini video sparks reactions online

Actress and filmmaker Destiny Etiko sparked debates on social media with her bikini videos showcasing her fun moments in the US.

Displaying her toned physique and curves, the popular Dramadoll garnered mixed reactions from internet users.

Some praised her confidence, while others expressed concerns about revealing too much.

Amidst the varied responses, certain Instagram users speculated about the possibility of the actress undergoing liposuction, drawing conclusions based on the appearance of Destiny Etiko’s stomach in the video.

Judging by the appearance of Destiny Etiko’s stomach, netizens gave their verdict.

One @sugaryok111 wrote: “She don disgrace her self. See her belly button don disgrace her… last last she did Lipo…. Cute on her though.”

miss_kokopee wrote: “She did liposuction sha…her belly button sold her out.”

life_of_bamike wrote: “I can never feel comfortable wearing lingerie/sexy beach wear to the beach 😂😂 God knows i won’t even be able to leave the change room, I can never be comfortable.”

welcome_to_2024 wrote: “That her body hard pass Nigeria economy.”

childofgrace___444 wrote: “Her body is not natural, it’s a Mad Made and not God Made.”

__she_opemipo wrote: “She did lowkey flat tummy 😂cox it shows in her belly button 💯💯🫡🫡but she get ass before 💯💯💯.”