“Why Una No Wan Portable Mind Touch Ground” – Berri Tiga’s manager, Kesh takes Young Duu shopping, buys him iPhone 15 Pro Max

Kesh, the manager of singer Berri Tiga, takes his former Portable signee Young Duu shopping and buys him a brand-new iPhone 15 Pro Max.

This follows his collaboration with bitcoin investor Blord a few days prior to secure a brand contract.

You may remember that Portable had pushed Young Duu off his record label because he wasn’t making a big enough profit.

The aspiring singer has been getting favors from celebrities since the humiliation, which has helped him develop and gain recognition.

Kesh, the manager of Berri Tiga, is seen giving Young Duu a brand-new iPhone in a recent video that went viral.

Young Duu was seen beaming with delight at the present he had received.

See reactions;

mandy_chuks wrote: “Be like una no want make portable mind touch ground”

om jahgalee1 wrote: “No matter how this guy take blow, nah portable carry am come outside”

toby_loba said: “Una sha wan use youngi duu pursue portable from this app go youngii du!!!

omalichawa_ said: “Your value doesn’t decrease based on someone’s inability to see your worth..I’m happy for him portable wouldn’t see his worth now a lot of people are seeing it”

jewelbaby500 wrote: “Youngi duu don steal portable soap portable go buy jet for zeh candidate”

Watch the video below: