“Why you shouldn’t work with the poor or make friends with the poor in 2024” – Portable

The renowned singer Portable imparts lessons for 2024, cautioning against collaborating with or fostering friendships with individuals from less fortunate backgrounds in the upcoming year.

As the year approaches its end, the street-hop musician has offered valuable insights for those aiming to thrive in the coming year, sharing tips on self-benefit and success drawn from his own experiences.

According to him, people shouldn’t make friends with poor people if they want to get far in life.

He said that when people make friends with folks who are poor, they would remain poor because such people have a way of bringing others down to their level.

The “Zazoo” crooner advised people that they should only roll with wealthy folks so they can be wealthy too.

He noted, however, that one should always help the poor, but not to make friends with them.

Watch him speak below …