“Will Meet In Court. Am Sueing The Director and Producer Cus I Was Never Imform” – Actor Temitope Topright Says As He Recieve Serious Beating From Antar Laniyan On Move Set (Watch)

Temitope Iledo Topright, an emerging figure in Nollywood, recognized for his roles as an actor, movie producer, and CEO of Topright Entertainment, has posted a video depicting an interaction with veteran actor Antar Laniyan.

In the video, Topright is visibly engaged in a playful scenario with Antar Laniyan, where the latter is seen playfully reprimanding him. Amid the lighthearted exchange, Topright’s reaction carries a touch of humor as he reacts to the pretend beating, eliciting moments of laughter.

The actor made a commitment to take legal action against the movie’s producer and director, expressing his surprise at the unexpected intensity of the beating depicted in the film.

Antar Laniyan’s acting style and dialogue delivery may come across as unconventional, potentially unsettling individuals who are unfamiliar with his approach.

Meet The Three Beautiful Wives Of Veteran Actor Antar Laniyan

Antar Laniyan, a renowned Nigerian actor, film director, and producer, was born on May 26th in Osogbo, the capital of Osun State in southwest Nigeria. The etymology of his first name, Antar, can be traced back to the Yoruba word for Iguana, also known as “Anter” in the Yoruba language.

His acting career took off in 1981, and one of his earliest prominent roles was that of a “major general” in the film “Everybody Wants to Know,” which he portrayed during his time with the Kakaki Art Squad. He went on to feature in numerous Nigerian films, including “Sango,” a movie written by Wale Ogunyemi and produced by Obafemi Lasode. In the year 2000, he directed the first episode of “Superstory,” an award-winning television series produced by Wale Adenuga.

Watch the video below;