“Woman of Virtue” Emotional Moment Actress Foluke Daramola Pay a visit to late Veteran Actress Iyabo Oko Before Her Demise (video)

Actress Foluke Daramola demonstrated her profound affection and worry for her dear late friend, Yoruba actress Iyabo Oko, during her hospital stay. This poignant interaction truly showcased the deep bond shared between these two talented actresses.

Throughout the visit to the hospital, Foluke Daramola lavished Iyabo Oko with love and reassurance, providing comfort and companionship during a challenging period. This moment beautifully exemplified the enduring friendship between them, highlighting Foluke Daramola’s sincere compassion and empathetic nature.

Iyabo Oko, a highly respected personality in the Yoruba film industry, faced challenging health issues before her unfortunate demise. Foluke Daramola’s act of visiting her friend in the hospital underscores the genuine care and concern prevalent within the entertainment community.

The touching encounter between these actresses serves as a powerful reminder of the profound impact Iyabo Oko had on her colleagues and the film industry as a whole. Her exceptional talent and warm nature deeply influenced many lives, and Foluke Daramola’s expression of love and encouragement emphasizes the lasting legacy she leaves behind.

As the Yoruba film industry mourns the loss of Iyabo Oko, the heartfelt visit from Foluke Daramola in the hospital stands as a symbol of unity and remembrance. The bond shared between these two actresses goes beyond their on-screen connection, serving as an inspiration for others to cherish and support one another in times of hardship.

Watch the video below;