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“Word’s Can’t Express How Grateful Am I”- Veteran actor Alapinni shower prayer at a fans who promises him a brand new Toyota Sienna car (Video)

The Nigerian entertainment industry is filled with enthusiasm as word spreads about an extraordinary act of generosity from a fan towards veteran actor Ganiyu Nofiu, popularly known as Alapinni.

The story started when comedian Kamo made a heartfelt commitment to gather funds for Alapinni after his successful initiative to secure a car for his fellow actor, Lalude.

In a recent update, Kamo managed to raise an impressive sum of 3.7 million Naira for Alapinni.

However, the surprises did not stop there. In a twist of fate, an unidentified fan from the United States emerged and made a pledge that left Alapinni utterly astonished: a brand new Toyota Sienna was being sent to him.

The news of this act of kindness has taken social media by storm, with countless messages of congratulations and admiration for the anonymous fan’s remarkable generosity.

The overwhelming show of support and heartfelt wishes serves as a testament to the deep influence the veteran actor has had on the lives of his fans and fellow actors throughout his remarkable career.

Watch the video below;