“You are my WORLD BEST” Nollywood Actress Ruby Ojiakor shed tears as Toyin Abraham welcome her into her new movie (Video)

Nollywood actress Ruby Ojiakor was overwhelmed with joy and shed tears of happiness upon being selected from tens of thousands of candidates to star in Toyin Abraham’s upcoming film.

In a video shared on her Instagram page, she was seen sobbing uncontrollably on the floor, expressing her gratitude to Toyin for believing in her.

Ruby reflected on how despite facing ridicule for being perceived as naive and local, Toyin chose her for a global project, which touched her deeply.

She thanked both her Creator and the director for the opportunity.

“World best” World Best” World Best”. I love you. Thank you for giving me the privilege to be in ur movie. Which happens to be “My First Cinema Movie”.

They said I am too stup!d…
They said I am too local…
They said I don’t fit in at all…
Yet, world best still said, it’s me she wants in her international “Cinema Movie”.

God, who am I? That thou art so mindful.
Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you “World Best” for this privilege.

Thank you Jesus Christ for everything.

Hello, world”.