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“You Are Usel€ss If You’re Asking Transport Money From Men – Pastor Mildred Okonkwo Tell Women (Video)

A viral video on social media features Pastor Mildred Okonkwo making a controversial statement during a church service. In her sermon, she expressed the belief that a woman who asks a man for transport fare is not a suitable life partner and should be avoided. Pastor Mildred advised men to be cautious when choosing a wife and to avoid women who appear lazy or incapable of affording their own transportation.

Her emphasis was on encouraging men to seek partners who are financially responsible and independent. According to her, if a man needs to be persuaded to provide money for a woman’s transportation, it indicates that the woman is facing financial challenges.

The video has sparked varied reactions online, with many engaging in discussions about the pastor’s views on relationships and gender dynamics.

Watch her video;

Sunmbo Adeoye Celebrates 10th Wedding Anniversary With Husband, Pastor David’s

Famous9ja news recall that Celebrating their 10th wedding anniversary, singer 2face’s baby mama, Sunmbo Adeoye, and her pastor husband, David Adeoye, shared heartwarming photos of their blended family.

Sunmbo expressed deep gratitude for her husband’s unwavering love and acceptance of her and her two sons from a previous relationship. She praised him for being an exceptional husband and a loving father to their children, particularly her two sons, whom she shares with 2face. Their love and commitment have created a beautiful and harmonious family dynamic.

Praying for him, she wrote,

“10 years ago, on July 22, 2013. I said YES to doing life with you.

My Dearest Olatunde.

As we mark a decade of togetherness and love. I find myself overwhelmed with gratitude and joy for the incredible journey we have shared. Today, on our 10th wedding anniversary, I want to take a moment to honor you and express my deepest appreciation for the person you are and the role you play in our lives.

From the very beginning, you embraced not only me but also my two wonderful boys, accepting them as your own with open arms and a loving heart. Your unwavering support and care have been the foundation upon which our beautiful family stands. You have been more than a husband, you’ve been a devoted father, a reliable friend, and a steadfast mentor to all of us.

Through the ups and downs that life has brought for way, you have been my rock, offering a comforting presence and wise counsel that has guided us through every storm. Your patience, understanding, and endless encouragement have lifted my spirits and allowed me to grow as a person, a mother, and a partner.