“You called me hærlot in public, now you’re in my DM begging me to come back, move on with your live d¥mbæss” Portable’s second babymama slams him for shading her

Keji, the second mother of the rapidly rising singer Portable, has expressed displeasure at him for insulting her.

In a lengthy post on her Instagram page, Keji mentioned how the singer is in her DM begging her to come back to him, yet he is dragging her online and subjecting her to hate comments.

She mentioned how the singer has been dragging her for days, yet she has decided to keep quiet, but now she can’t take it any longer.

Calling him a wretched human being, she noted how he keeps complaining and calling her a harlot when in reality he is still obsessed with her. Telling him to leave her alone, she stated that she has her life to live adj as such, he should mind his business.

She reminded the controversial singer that he is a family man and should lay a good example for his children to see and be happy about in the future.

“Hello guys
I’m not sorry to make this announcement to y’all that Portable is moving mad …
It’s been a few days this dum*b$ss has been calling me out and I decided to keep mute
But now I can’t take it any longer.

You this wretched human being, you keep complaining I’m a harlot…I’m this, I’m that, and still, yet your modafu**kin ass is still so obsessed with me
I have my life to live please let me breathe. Kindly mind the business that pays you …I’m not your business and I suppose my business should not concern you
You’re a family man for crying out loud, lay a good example for your children to see and be happy about in the future
Leave my life alone. You’d call me out on social media and irrelevant people like you would be stalking my page and be dropping hate comment

Meanwhile, you were in my DM yesterday begging me to come back to you.

Please we both have our lives to leave
Move on and gtf outta my life. Please @mazitundeednut and @gistloverblog_mediaoutlet please help me to beg this mad man to let my life”.