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“You Cannot Live With A Man Without Paying Rent” – Comedian KieKie Says Why She Split Bills With Her Husband

Comedienne Kiekie, known for her sharp humor and candidness, has recently opened up about the financial dynamics in her home.

In a podcast interview, she delved into her decision to openly share and divide expenses with her husband, emphasizing how this approach fosters a more stable and equitable partnership.

She stressed the importance of both partners making financial contributions when sharing a household, highlighting her belief in this perspective.

She elaborated that dividing the rent provides her with a sense of security within her own home. She pointed out that when both partners contribute to the rent, it creates a shared ownership, reducing the likelihood of situations where her husband could ask her to leave the house since they both have equal investments in it.

In a straightforward statement, she declared, “You can’t reside in a house and not contribute to the rent.”

Famous9ja Recalled That Comedian Kiekie, the renowned skit maker and brand influencer, recently opened up about her decision not to share details about her husband on her social media platforms.

Kiekie, who is also an actress, has chosen not to feature her husband in her online posts or discuss him on her social media pages. This choice has led some to speculate that she is intentionally hiding him.