“You Know I Have All Your Secret With Me, I will mention them and you can’t do anything”- Lizzy Anjorin drag Iyabo Ojo again (Video)

The ongoing dispute between Nollywood actresses Lizzy Anjorin and Iyabo Ojo has taken a risky turn as

Lizzy Anjorin, a Nigerian actress, made it known that she planned to mention Iyabo Ojo.

The charges that have defined the back and forth in the conflict gained immediacy when Lizzy Anjorin was asked to state her name by Iyabo Ojo.

In response to this challenge, Lizzy Anjorin took to social media to express her views and lambast those who thought it would be better if she called Iyabo Ojo’s name aloud rather than subtly.

Lizzy Anjorin recently declared her intention to publicly criticize Iyabo Ojo in a video, but she refrained from mentioning her name.

Watch the video below;

Famous9ja reported earlier that the ongoing social media drama between actresses Iyabo Ojo and Lizzy Anjorin has taken a new turn as Iyabo Ojo directly challenges Lizzy Anjorin to mention her name in the midst of the allegations being thrown around.

Lizzy Anjorin, who has been making various claims about Iyabo Ojo whom she often refers to as “Sepeteri,” has accused of dating irich men and pastors, including allegations about her daughter Priscilla Ojo.

In a recent video, Iyabo Ojo directly addresses Lizzy Anjorin, daring her to mention her name explicitly instead of calling her “Sepeteri.”

Iyabo Ojo emphasizes that if Lizzy Anjorin has any issue with her, she should speak directly about it rather than resorting to indirect accusations.

Iyabo Ojo goes on to express her readiness to face legal action and defamation charges if Lizzy Anjorin dare to mention her name.