“You No Fit Do Anything For Our Oga, We Dey Gidigba For Him”– Sam Larry Boys boys ready for fight their boss (Watch)

Associates of Sam Larry Speak Out Amid Controversy Surrounding Mohbad’s Death

Certainly, the video featuring Sam Larry and his associates interrupting Mohbad’s video shoot had a profound influence on public perception, intensifying frustration and animosity toward the socialite.

In a recent video, a group of individuals who consider Sam Larry as their boss have expressed assurance that he will not face any repercussions for his actions.

A group of young men who openly referred to the controversial socialite and show promoter, Sam Larry, as their boss, have spoken up in a new video.

In the video, the young men confidently asserted that nothing will happen to Sam Larry, and they boldly challenged any angry youths who might seek retribution against him.

They also mentioned that they believe everything will be resolved soon, including the complexities surrounding Mohbad’s death.

They concluded their message by reiterating that Sam Larry is their boss and that nothing will happen to him.

They made the utterances in Yoruba language.

Watch the video below:

This development follows Sam Larry’s recent statement in response to accusations of assaulting and bullying Mohbad, which some believe may have contributed to the singer’s untimely demise.

Earlier, a video had circulated on social media showing Sam Larry interrupting Mohbad’s video shoot with rapper Zlatan Ibile. Other videos also alleged that Sam Larry, a friend and associate of Naira Marley, had physically assaulted Mohbad, leading to injuries.

Sam Larry faced significant backlash from numerous Nigerians who flooded his Instagram page with criticism, leading him to restrict comments and eventually deactivate his account.

In a video addressing the allegations and providing clarification regarding the video where he confronted Mohbad, Sam Larry explained that he considered Mohbad like a brother, and he genuinely cared for him. He mentioned that his love and support for Mohbad during his time with Marlian Records were widely known, even by his wife.

Sam Larry went on to clarify that the videos of him confronting Mohbad during Zlatan’s video shoot were not recent, and he stressed that he was currently out of the country.

He admitted to having had disputes with Mohbad but vehemently denied any intentions of causing harm or wishing death upon him. He reiterated that he had no knowledge of the cause of Mohbad’s death.