“You think say na only you sabi cry” – Little girl shocked as father joins her in crying

A caring father employs a unique approach to console his young daughter by joining her in crying, catching the girl off guard.

A viral video circulating on social media depicts the touching moment between the father and his daughter as they unexpectedly find themselves in a shared emotional moment.

The child burst into tears, and her father surprised her by joining in with an even louder cry.

At one point, the little girl paused to assess the situation, only to find her father crying even more convincingly than herself. This unexpected turn of events led her to abandon her tears.

Reactions as father joins crying daughter

ucee_collections said: “While playing the video my baby just looked at my face with shock on his face 😂😂😳.”

_atole001 opined: “This is the exact thing I do to babies when they are crying 😂😂😂😂.”

tracey__kingsley wrote: “I do this to my nephew 😂😂😂😂 he go Dey look me like this my Aunt na Werey o 😂😂.”

condyz_accessories penned: “This is so me 😂😂😂😂 after the cry has fraustrated me 😂😂😂.”

perfectbeautician said: “The baby was not expecting this 😂😂😂 the thing shock am.”

tare_collins reacted: “And who said this don’t work for kids??😂😂😂it works perfectly well 😂😂.”

Watch the video below …