“You Will Over Come Them, Remember God Pass You”– Fans Pray For Adeniyi Johnson And Wife Seyi Edun Over What Happen Them Today.

Adeniyi Johnson, a prominent Nollywood actor and the husband of actress Seyi Edun, is currently facing significant challenges.

On his Instagram stories, Adeniyi Johnson expressed heartfelt words that indicate he is currently dealing with a lot of difficulties.

One of the points he highlighted in his message is the destructive nature of those who misuse their power to harm others’ lives and invade their privacy in a bid to gain popularity.

His Words Are Listed Below;

Living a good life is God’s given but your plan and hardwork!!! God’s time is
the best truly but who told you NOW is not the time??!

You spend time and effort looking for how to bring people down.. when do you actually spend time building yourself??

You have the resources to pull down because you feel connected, yet to pay your rent na war!!! Your own connection na
to destroy and drag people down.. God is patient sha

Sniffing around to know peoples secret so as to shame them with it.. forgetting that as you dey bend dey find their secret breeze dey blow your own too!!!

The summary of my rant is in life nobody has it all.. time and chance happens to us all.. use you time well and the connection well too (positively) your children might need them!!!

Above all remember GOD PASS YOU!!!