“Young Duu is still under Zeh Nation, I’m getting my own percentage on his song” – Portable shade Carter Efe

Carter Efe is called out by Portable, who claims he will get a cut of the song he and Young Duu are doing, for trying to ruin his music career.

Because he was a liability to him, the controversial musician had already fired his signee from his record label.

However, Young Duu unexpectedly found himself in front of the searchlight, and his departure brought him a lot more attention.

Stars started contacting him with deals and offers; some even brought him gifts.

Yung Duu and Carter Efe collaborated on another song that has gained popularity on streaming services.

During this whole ordeal, Portable was furious with Carter Efe for trying to ruin him by taking advantage of his “boy.”

He asserted that they want to keep him out of the spotlight by using Young Duu to divert attention from the fact that they know he is capable of releasing his own record.

Young Duu is still his boy, according to Portable, who also claimed that his opponents are trying to take advantage of him.

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