“Your 1st to 7th generation will experience unending pain and Sorrow” Actress Kemi Afolabi Rain C¥rse On Colleagues (Photos)

Renowned Yoruba actress, Kemi Afolabi, recently shared a photo on Instagram, proudly showcasing her natural beauty while waiting at the airport. Known for her openness about her looks on social media, Kemi opted for a makeup-free appearance, prompting various reactions from her followers.

In this particular post, she chose to forgo makeup, appearing in public attire at the airport, donning a stylish hoodie and shorts complemented by a black bag and slippers.

Kemi Afolabi’s versatility in portraying diverse characters in Yoruba films has earned her acclaim, making her a sought-after figure among Nigerian Yoruba movie enthusiasts.

According to the comments and responses on her post, it is possible to assume that her fans were impressed with her makeup-free face because they responded favourably to it. Others who appreciated her clothing face also responded favourably to it.

She wrote on the picture;

If you take these pictures or any of my pictures to create false content on YouTube, Facebook or any social media platforms to deceive my fans…your 1st to 7th generation will experience unending pain and sorrow. Amen

Famous9ja Recalled Actress Kemi Afolabi claims that those false bloggers will pass away in her place. Talented Yoruba actor, producer, screenwriter, and director Kemi Afolabi also works in film. She has starred in and produced a number of acclaimed Yoruba films.