Your fans did not send me, but I wish to help you”- Kunle Afod says as he surprise Veteran actor Olu Lashigun (Video)

Kunle Afod, who has embarked on a mission to visit numerous veterans, has once again extended his outreach to actor, producer, and writer Olu Lashigun and Ayo Wole.

During his visit, Kunle Afod clarified to the veterans that he wasn’t sent by their fans but expressed his desire to present them with a small token from himself.

He wrote;

Olu Lashigun and Ayo wole wole received me in there house
Just to say hello to them once again
God keep and protect our elders oooo
And I say thank you for supporting always
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See how fans appreciate him for his good deeds

Iyalegba wrote: Wow! Lasigun God bless @kunleafod more more 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

Enny_king wrote: Yeeeee see uncle Olu oooo. mehn I miss his jovial nature those days at Ayobo in KoreodeFilms house. Uncle Olu can pray for Africa

Otekunrin wrote: I love him so much….we miss you Sir.

Aremogemini wrote: Beyond creating an evergreen archive of wise words and axioms from these legendary beings, you are giving them an entire bouquet and much needed love, at this point in their lives when they are already old. In the long run, you are ingraining your name in the sands of time, such that it can never be washed away, in years to come. Your continuous act of love and respect is in itself a prayer for you and every fruits that stems from your bloodline. Àṣejù ni àdúrà, ènìyàn tí ń bá ṣe ire, tí ẹ̀dá ayé ń ṣépè fún-un, isẹ́ ọwọ́ rẹ̀ yóò máa gbàdúrà fún-un. May the goodness of your heart favour you and your generation, now and always. ❤️