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“Your Own Turn Has Come” Pastor Agbala Gabriel offers his support to Sule Suebebe’s in respond to his financial Assistance

Pastor Agbala Gabriel, a well-known philanthropist, has come forward to offer his assistance to veteran actor Dayo Adewunmi, popularly known as Sule Suebebe, after the actor publicly appealed for financial help.

Demonstrating his compassionate nature, Pastor Gabriel has expressed his willingness to support Sule Suebebe during this challenging time.

It is important to highlight that Sule Suebebe recently made an emotional plea to the public, expressing his deep desire to own a home and a car.

The actor openly discussed his dreams and the challenges he faces while working towards achieving them.

In his own words, he expressed, “Since I started acting in movies, I have never owned a house or a car. I rely on motorcycles (okada) to reach my destinations. Nigerians, please show me mercy. I desire to have a house and a car of my own.”

Upon learning about Sule Suebebe’s difficult situation, Pastor Agabala Gabriel wasted no time in responding to the plea for assistance.

He shared Sule Suebebe’s heartfelt video with the caption, “What are your thoughts on Baba? AGBALA Gabriel Foundation supporters.”

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