Zazu Crooner, Portable Cries Out After Being Attacked In Lekki, Breaks The Eyes Of One Of His Artistes (Video)

Controversial Nigerian artist Habeeb Okikiola, popularly known as Portable, has become a prominent topic on Twitter following an incident in which he was assaulted in Lekki.

A viral video captures the “Zazoo Zeh” singer emotionally recounting the attack by members of the “Aiye” cult in the Lekki region of Lagos, Nigeria.

Portable, on his way back to Sango, shared that his intention was to purchase clothing for his artists in Lekki, but he unexpectedly encountered the assault by a group of individuals.

Portable, in a candid account, unveils the brutal beating he and his companions endured, vividly depicting how one assailant inflicted a grievous injury on one of his artists, causing blood to stream from the artist’s eye.

Despite the harrowing incident, the singer vowed to exact revenge when these attackers set foot in Lagos. He also offered a prayer for his artist, hoping that the blow he endured would propel him to newfound recognition in the music industry.

Unyielding in his resolve, Portable asserted that he remains unwavering and resolute, affirming his determination to revisit Lekki in the future.

Watch the video below;

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@accoladehh: People need to stop doing this fr. We need to do better.

@engrpopey: Since he released zazu he never stop sweating.

@toyor_: Portable and Wahala na friends.

@BenOfMadrid14: Blow to gba o ma fi blow ni πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚.

@aideinfluence: Nothing concern us with family matter, na im fellow zoo members attack am. No vex.

@olamideseun96: Why be say na Portable dem dey always attack all the time nawa o… abeg let’s follow each other o.

@KingOpeOfAbj: Aiye? That means life in Yoruba right? Na life attack them?