“Seeing My Own Egbon Again, Thank You For Your Full Support Sir”- American-based Actor Bigvai Jokotoye excited as he reunites with Ibrahim Chatta after 7-year

American-based Nigerian actor Bigvai Jokotoye is brimming with excitement as he experiences a heartwarming reunion with his close colleague, Ibrahim Chatta, after a prolonged separation spanning seven years. This reunion not only rekindles their friendship but also reopens the door to potential collaborations in the world of Nigerian cinema.

The joy and enthusiasm expressed by Bigvai Jokotoye highlight the strong bonds that can endure across time and distance in the entertainment industry. It also signifies the enduring camaraderie and solidarity among actors in the Nigerian film scene. As they come together again, fans and colleagues alike eagerly anticipate the creative synergy that these two talented individuals might bring to future projects.

In a video posted by Bigvai Jokotoye on his Instagram page, he radiated sheer delight as he laid eyes on his esteemed senior colleague, Ibrahim Chatta.

In this heartwarming video, both actors were visibly thrilled as they warmly embraced each other.

Bigvai Jokotoye shared the video with words of gratitude, expressing his thanks to Ibrahim Chatta for the unwavering support he has provided throughout their friendship and careers.

Bigvai Jokotoye further took out time to announce his movie ARUN (FIVE).

His caption read, ” Seeing my own egbon again after 7 years. Thank you for your full support sir, I love you always. @ibrahimchatta_lordthespis .ARUN (FIVE) is coming.

See his post below;