Adeniyi Johnson reveals what he admires about his wife, Seyi Edun ahead of her first birthday as a mother (Photo)

Nollywood actress Seyi Edun is about to celebrate her first birthday as a mother in a few days, and her beloved Adeniyi Johnson is extremely excited.

Adeniyi Johnson recently took to his Instagram page to express his anticipation for his wife’s birthday and listed the qualities he loves about her. He mentioned that Seyi Edun is courageous, supportive, motivating, and absolutely outstanding.

Professing his love for her, he wrote, “I am still eagerly counting down to my amazing wife’s birthday! You possess incredible strength, bravery, and supportiveness. You constantly inspire me, and you are truly the best! I love you, my beloved (mother of twins).”

Adeniyi Johnson and Seyi Edun Embrace Parenthood with the Arrival of Twins

According to a report from Famous9ja on Tuesday, February 28th, Adeniyi Johnson, the actor, and his wife Seyi Edun, have finally become parents after a 7-year-long wait.

The couple, who had been patiently hoping for this moment, were overjoyed to welcome twins into their lives.

Sharing the delightful news with their fanmily, the thrilled father took to his Instagram page.

Adeniyi expressed that he couldn’t celebrate his own birthday due to the arrival of his twins, whom he considers to be the most extraordinary birthday gifts. For more details, click here.