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“I’m Unavailable”– Yomi Fabiyi Says As He Spend Lovely Moments With Fine Babes

Yomi Fabiyi, a Nigerian actor, was recently spotted enjoying the company of three women, bringing about a cheerful ambiance as they gathered for a photo session.

Following this, Fabiyi took to his social media accounts to provide clarity about his relationship status, emphasizing that he is presently unattached and open to potential connections.

Accompanying the photo, he captioned it with the words, “I’m unavailable!”

See photo below;

Actor Yomi Fabiyi recently expressed his reluctance to fall in love or pursue romantic relationships again. He shared his experiences of being deeply hurt in the past, highlighting how his vulnerability has often been taken advantage of by women. They would feign affection and security, only to later reveal their true intentions and callously discard him once their objectives were fulfilled.

Consequently, Fabiyi has made the decision to distance himself from women, both within and outside the entertainment industry, in order to minimize the drama and conflicts he faces online and offline. He has been targeted by individuals who lack integrity and resort to manipulation in order to achieve their own goals, regardless of the consequences for others. Such people display a lack of loyalty and tend to erase past experiences, willingly causing harm to anyone who obstructs their path.