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Ayo Makun Beaat Up BBN Neo At The Gym For Knaackiing His Ex Wife, Mabel Makun (Video)

Ayo Makun, comedian He becomes one of his colleagues whose marriages have failed to withstand the test of time as his marriage to Mabel Makun hits the rock.

Nigerian blogger Cutie Juls has shared further details about comedian Ayo Makun and Mabel’s disintegrating marriage.

The blogger wrote: Yes, the olorinburuku disrespectful NEO [BBN] went trying to toast after he confirmed how AY had impregnated BBN girl and other low class girls that AY was sleeping with.

NEO also confirmed through mutual friends in the industry of how unhappy Mabel was because of the way AY was beating her and sleeping with everything female sleepable.

And NEO being a confirmed gigolo who preys on financially established women who are going through emotional breaks decided to shoot his shoot at Mabel because he knows Mabel has money.

Mabel  was so furious and reported NEO to AY. AY timed Neo at the gym and almost be@t him up if not the interventions of people around.

AY, please you know I know this at that time. I was even upset at the NEO for his stooopeed guts of a gigolo.

So why are you now twisting it to blogs by saying Mabel had an affair with NEO?

AY, be truthful.  God please where is thunder o. 🚶‍♀️