“Broski Be Calming Down,” James Brown advice Bobrisky as he pepper fans with his newly acquired body (Video)

James Brown, a Nigerian transgender individual, reached out to Bobrisky, a more experienced peer, regarding his recent transformation.

As reported by Famous9ja, Bobrisky caused a sensation online by unveiling his surgically enhanced physique.

The crossdresser had previously revealed his intentions to undergo a procedure to enhance his buttocks and vowed to captivate the internet with images of his transformed physique.

Unfortunately, his preparations were put on hold when his father passed away and was buried.

Just two weeks after his passing, the crossdresser resumed her social life and posted risqué pictures of him online.

Bobrisky flaunted his enviable curves as he shared a photo of him wearing a two-piece Calvin Klein lingerie.

Reacting to it via his Instagram story, James Brown urged Bobrisky to calm down.

“I actually saw Bobrisky’s post and am like, girl I am happy you are okay. I sent my condolence last time about your father. Hope you’re good and perfect. Girl, I saw it ooo, new update, but girl calm down”.