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“Cerelac is now N12k” – Nigerian father set to feed his 5-month-old son ‘eba’ over increase in price of baby feed (Video)

A Nigerian father has voiced his distress over the exorbitant increase in the price of baby food, prompting him to turn to a traditional Nigerian dish, ‘Eba’, for his 5-month-old son.

In a circulating video, the man expressed his frustration as he disclosed the staggering prices of popular baby food brands such as Cerelac and SME Gold, which have surged to N12,000 and N25,000 respectively.

Displaying the 14 tins of Cerelac and 7 tins of SME Gold his son has consumed, he humorously remarked that he might have to resort to feeding his child bits of Eba, as the cost of commercial baby food has become unmanageable.

In his words partly, “As from tomorrow, you go start to eat eba”.

Watch the video below:

Internet users flooded comment section with their thoughts as many schooled the man to resort to exclusive breastfeeding for little baby.

Some reactions are shown below:

thefoodnetworknig2 said, “See as e be like say na the papa vomit am! They never look like the mother that carried them for 9months 😂”.

nchofa_k said, “Wetin happen to exclusive breastfeeding? Abi she dey fear say her breast go fall as their usual excuss”.

glowriavlogs said, “He’s old enough for solid Sha 😂😂I support daddy 😂”.

jhany_manny said, “Baby be like, I never even start nd u never see anything😂”.

mikeike5508 said, “Some men will suffer all this stress and still find out years later that they’re not the Real father… May God help Men not to train other people’s Kids 🙏🏻”.

mr.obiteee said, “I swear my baby consumes over 50k per week for his cereal and milk…e no easy o..😢”.

r3d.wine_ said, “How come 5 months old is eating cerelac??? What happened to exclusive breastfeeding for 6 months?”.